Up your digital game with Hover

At Hover Ads we are committed to modernising the outdoor digital advertising landscape of Tanzania. Our cloud-based rooftop digital screens installed on ride-sharing cars promise to deliver dynamic content at high resolutions, and are bound to leave a lasting impression on millions of onlookers



Street level engagement

With our smart digital tops making their way across Dar Es Salaam, your ad will play on the busiest roads, corners and intersections and are proven to catch the attention of millions of commuters at eye level. .

Unparalleled Exposure

Run your ads for over a hundred hours a week and build the trust and familiarity that your brand deserves. The amount of reach gained by your brand will be commendable.


With the vision to make Digital Outdoor Advertising more targeted, our algorithms and software facilitate Geo-fencing and Time-based advertising to adapt to the world around you.

Multiple Locations

The Ubiquity of our mobile screens allows your brand to be displayed in the most densely populated areas during the moments that matter most.

Lowest CPM

We strive to provide maximum value at the most affordable rates compared to any other available outdoor medium. Understanding your budget limitations and providing the best possible service is our aim

Dynamic content serving

Our internet connected screens allow you to remotely swap/update your ads, free of charge, at any given point in time to best fit your campaign goals.


  1. 1. Just doOH IT

  2. 2. Pick Your Slot

  3. 3. Allocate Your Budget

  4. 4. Go Live